About Us

Websitebrokers own some 3000 websites, which include hotel, travel, and venues, geographical: towns and cities.

Our background is marketing the Event business, which includes travel, hotel accommodation, corporate hospitality at all sporting events and conferences.

Our core business is driving traffic to gambling, hotel event and conference related websites by both Search Engine Traffic and what is known as type in traffic'. Type in traffic is where the surfer would guess at the website name and type it into their browser i.e. address bar.  For example if you were looking for a hotel or conference venue you may try www.yorkhotels.com or www.aberdeenvenues.co.uk. If you were looking to have a flutter on the Grand National or play bingo you may try www.aintreeracing.com or www.playbingo.co.uk.

We endeavour to have our sites featured on all major search engines for the respective search, giving our clients what they deserve i.e. 'Two bites of the Cherry'. Our aim is page one, after all if you are featured on a website which has the right name and is easily found on the search engines, you must know your money is being well spent!

Websitebrokers offer advertising opportunities for the Hotel, Event, Conference, Corporate Hospitality, Alternative Medicine and Speculation Industries.

The groups of websites in our portfolio are closely linked meaning clients often consider having a presence on several of our sites.

Website Brokers Please contact us if we can assist you with Advertising or with your Affiliate program.

We look forward to hearing from you.